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Your Bucket Book, Strategies to Cope with Grief and Loss: Life Coach Kate Mainey

Kate Mainey is a life coach who wants to assist you to live your best life.

She is a co-author of “Speak Up, Step Up, Stand Out: Overcome Self-Doubt, Take Massive Action, and Attract the Lifestyle You Deserve.” Its contents include useful tales, concrete guidance, and the assistance you require to unleash your actual potential.

In this episode, Kate Mainey discusses the significance of life coaching. Dealing with a lot of grief and struggles in life, sometimes just having someone to talk to and have a good chat with is already a big thing.

There are no pre-criteria if you want to see a life coach. Grief is in all aspects of our life, whether death, parenting, job loss, or relationships. It’s part of our life, and you can discuss that with Kate as a life coach.

Kate utilizes a bucket book program in dealing with clients. It is a step-by-step program to walk through, and there are eight modules, like buckets of happiness, life, gratitude, etc. The goal is to empty the bucket and see what we can find in each of our lives. To empty the bucket or fill our bucket whichever way we want to go and deal with things.

Kate shares her story about the problem she encounters with her husband and how she deals with it using her strategy. Ultimately, she fixed her problem and reached her goal with love.

She talks about how we need to step out and do the necessary things because every day is a blessing. Everyone has different goals to achieve. And as a life coach, Kate feels it’s easier to get your head back into the game plan when trying to help someone else.

If you are suffering from griefs and challenges, speak with a life coach. They can help you get through this, smile, and live your life to the fullest.

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