The Best Chapter of Your Life: How to Achieve Focus, Motivation, Dedication & Success As Explained By the Experts Who Made It Happen

The Best Chapter of Your LifeHow would you feel if you invested years of your life: your time, energy, money, blood, sweat, and tears… only to give up and toss it away?

If you continuously transfer your attention from one thing to another, dabble in several pursuits, you will fail and give up on your ambitions when things become tough.

Isn’t it life-changing to be able to finally focus on your most essential goals, work on them attentively on a daily basis, and see them through?

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You can break free from the vicious cycle. Everyone aspires to live their ideal life, but only a few actually do it. It’s too easy to become engrossed in the reality and responsibilities of life, and our dreams seem to drift farther and further away.

What steps can you take to recapture your dreams? What would it take for you to live the life you’ve always imagined for yourself?

The Best Chapter of Your Life shares real-life stories, steps and ideas for being successful, staying on track in your pursuit of your desires and achieving your goals, one step at a time. This is a book compilation that guides you to achieve focus, dedication and success as explained by the experts who made it happen:

  • The Best Decision of Your Life Pat Mesiti
  • The Best Choices of Your Life Toni Edmonds
  • The Best Second Chances of Your Life Kerry Butcher
  • The Best Communication of Your Life Justin Maxwell
  • The Best Creativity of Your Life Elka Kerkhofs & Cara Maxson
  • The Best Career of Your Life Dawn Adams
  • The Best Sleep of Your Life Mandy Garrard
  • The Best Family of Your Life Linda Byrne
  • The Best Business of Your Life Dracy Dewar
  • The Best Achievement of Your Life David Cavanagh

The key to your success — achieving your goals and realizing your dreams — lies in the power of FOCUS. Once you understand how to focus on the most important goals in your life, it becomes easier to build life long skills and strategies needed to achieve your dreams and see them become reality.

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