Course Correct: Lessons, Principles & Strategies from Smart People Like You Who Transformed Failure into Success

Course CorrectAre you tired of listening and reading to the same old self-help and motivation books that only provide exaggerated claims? It is ideal to get the information you need in one sitting through a compact reading on practical advice, facing failures, overcoming roadblocks, and real world success stories. Course Correct: Lessons, Principles & Strategies from Smart People Like You Who Transformed Failure into Success has exactly what you need to realize your greatest breakthroughs and most triumphant success.

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Course Correct is a book of stories of people who “failed”, only to overcome their own roadblocks and achieve success. Course Correct is written to teach you how to shift your mindset and turn your failures into strengths by developing new habits and practices.

The book is a compilation of stories share by entrepreneurs, authors, millionaires, coaches and investors who failed before they succeeded:

  • Course Correct Failure Into Success (Kathy Heyche)
  • Course Correct into a Better Strategy (David Cavanagh)
  • Course Correct Your Leadership (Jason Gavranic)
  • Course Correct Your Inner Lion or Lioness (Janice Hutton)
  • Course Correct Your Toxic Thinking & Adopt the Millionaire Mindset (Joy Coulson)
  • Course Correct Your Problems, Fears & Insecurities (Dave Peters)
  • Course Correct Your Inner Superpower (Simonia Blassingame)
  • Course Correct Self-Leadership to Active Change (Dr. Gabriele Rödter)
  • Course Correct Your Health, Activity & Exercise Routine (Ann Hartwig)
  • Course Correct Bullying, Oppression & Aggression (Maria Warlow)
  • Course Correct with Resilience (Bronwyn Mitchell)
  • Course Correct Your Self-Discovery & Change for Success Toward a Life of Prosperity (Hang Hough)
  • Course Correct Your Marketing & Sales Tactics (Charlene Burke)
  • Course Correct Your Business Strategies, Ideas & Opportunities (Dr. Gena Cox)
  • Course Correct Your Learning, Focus & Growth (Hannes Jordaan)
  • Course Correct Your Business Trajectory & Profit Strategy (Charlie Diamond)
  • Course Correct Your Medical Marketing Strategies (Barbara Hales)
  • Course Correct Your Real Estate Mindset (Johnoson Crutchfield)
  • Course Correct Your Self-Encouragement & Growth Mindset (Eric Carder)
  • Course Correct Your Business System & Income Generation (David Warlow)
  • Course Correct The Trajectory of Your Day and Life By Getting Tasks “Off Your Plate” (John Jonas)
  • Course Correct Your Facebook Group Growth (David Calafiore)
  • Course Correct Your Delegating, Outsourcing & Hiring Strategy (Robert Plank)
  • Course Correct Your Story Telling & Public Speaking (Chuck Hooper)
  • Course Correct Giving & Receiving (Chris Cordwell)
  • Master The Art Of Vision & Personal Reinvention (Pat Mesiti)

Course Correct takes you on a brief, yet thought provoking journey through the importance of facing failure to develop it into your greatest asset. Filled with relatable stories of failure, sound advice, and spectacular victories, this book is what you need without any extra filler and sugar coating you might expect from traditional self-help and inspirational books.
Are you ready to turn your life around and turn your failures and look at them as stepping stones toward success? Then grab a copy of your own Course Correct: Lessons, Principles & Strategies from Smart People Like You Who Transformed Failure into Success. This is nothing like a self-help book, but an inspiring and thought provoking materials with guides on how to change your practices toward thinking more positively about failing.