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Ethical Property Developing For Families And Off-Grid Construction Practices: Maverick Property Developer Jayne Saunders

Jayne is one of those rare people who you find in every industry, that is, she is entirely focused on getting the best results for her clients. She is not about big talking herself or her company, she simply works really hard to achieve the most profit possible for her clients. While she specialises in land subdivisions large and small, she has a personal interest in off grid construction practices and is renowned for ‘educating’ (ignorant) council employees and creating new standards for these ‘new’ building methods.


Use Mental Tools, Perspective, Compassion, and Life Experience To Solve Problems: Inspirational Speaker Tresa Plumb

I’m an empath and have been able to help people my whole life by being a shoulder to lean on and an ear to hear them. I don’t give advice— I introduce thoughts of perspective and compassion to each individual and their circumstances.

Living life experiences and helping others learn from my observations and see the results achievable in some of the scariest circumstances. Giving you more tools to plough thru life’s challenges. Navigating; childhood, sexual abuse, physical abuse, marriage, motherhood, being an employee, a business owner, a volunteer, and a productive member of society.


Lose Weight Without Fad Diets, Promote Good Health And Energy In Your Body: Certified Functional Nutrition Coach Helen Connolly

I, Helen Connolly, am a Certified Functional Nutrition Coach and can be contacted for an initial assessment and consultation to find out how I can help you beat the statistics and enjoy great health by understanding how you can look after your unique needs.

I will help you understand what foods have been working against you and why, and what foods can help you. I’m there to support you, so you’ll understand the pitfalls and you’ll learn what foods you can mix and match to suit you and your lifestyle that support your good health.


Seek the Truth, Forgive Yourself and Heal From Your Past Trauma: Inspirational Speaker Brian Roberts

Brian Roberts, author and speaker, presents you an episode with transformative experience that will set you on the path to peace, hope, and a new perspective on life, money, family, and relationships.

Brian shares his invaluable insights on how to find peace with your past, ignite hope for your future, and gain a fresh perspective on the crucial aspects of your life.

By learning to embrace failure as a catalyst for growth, you will discover newfound enthusiasm to overcome any challenge that comes your way.

Don’t miss this opportunity to join Brian Roberts and embark on a journey of transformation. Find peace, ignite hope, and gain a whole new perspective on your life, family, and relationships. Take the leap and embrace the failure miracle. Unleash your true potential and create a future filled with peace, hope, and an empowering perspective!


Explore Your Goals, Dreams, Struggles, Fears, What-if’s, and Opportunities: New Dreams for Life Mentor Sonja Wood

Sonja Wood is the New Dreams for Life Mentor, running a mentorship program in which she helps people overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams.

Sonja is a positive and fun type of person, always finding positivity in problems in life. With her love for God and people, she heartfully embraces life with what she has.
In this episode, Sonja talks about how to learn from the situation you are in and turn things around, enabling you to move forward to your dreams. Sonja also shares her painful experience of her marriage breaking down and how she moves on and eventually finds joy in life.

In life, it is inevitable to experience those heartbreaking moments or situations where you might feel like not living. Thus, it is critical for you to know how to deal with these difficult times and again see the positive and enjoyable parts of life.

This episode is a must-listen for people who experienced injustices, betrayal, loss, and breakdowns–those stuck in life and don’t know where to go looking for guidance to help them walk the right path.


New Dreams for Life (official site)

Adapt and Overcome (book co-authored with Pat Mesiti)

You Are Allowed To Dream Again (book by Sonja Wood)