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Quit Smoking in 90 Minutes Using The Power Of Hypnosis, Mental Preparation, And Success Strategies: Hypnotherapist Kerry McKenzie

Kerry McKenzie is a registered nurse and educator with expertise in health and well-being, including how to stop smoking through hypnosis.

Kerry is also a co-author with Pat Mesiti in a book titled “Fast Forward to Success.”

In this episode, Kerry McKenzie talks about smoking, smoking cessation through hypnosis, and relapse. Kerry provides insights into how hypnosis can be used as a tool to help clients quit smoking by accessing the subconscious mind and reframing the client’s thoughts and beliefs about smoking. Kerry also addresses the challenges that clients may face during the quitting process and explains why some clients may experience relapse.

This episode is a must-listen if you’re struggling to kick the smoking habit and break free from nicotine addiction using the power of hypnosis.

The Science And Mindset of Money Management, Wealth Attraction, Goal Setting, And Personal Growth: Financial Freedom Entrepreneur Kai Leong

Kai Leong is a professional in unlocking financial success. His knowledge and wisdom revolve around personal development, the finance industry, entrepreneurship, banking, wholesale, logistics and more!

Kai provides services to change your mindset and help you take a step on your financial stage to face any market challenges.

He also co-wrote the book Ready, Aim, Succeed! Fight For Your Wealth, Success, And Happiness To Live Your Best Life Ever, where he discusses how to achieve economic wealth.

In this world we live in, knowledge is abundant. You can find it everywhere, and it is easily accessible. You can read various books or search online to find answers to your questions. We have no reason not to take advantage of this free knowledge. But the thing is that although knowledge is there, we lack the motivation to take action, and without action, we cannot apply those pieces of knowledge and turn it into wisdom.

This episode is a must-listen for you to learn the action to take towards financial success. Understand the first step to have a better financial life, how to change your mindset, and why having a coach helps you to get unstuck and out of your head.

Grow Your Small Business With Social Media Marketing And Search Engine Optimization: Internet Marketer Deb Pengilly

Deb Pengilly is Digital Marketer who specialises in lead generation and course creation. She is passionate about training and empowering others to gain the skills to achieve financial freedom and a better quality of life through online marketing, as a side hustle, or to replace a J.O.B.

Deb loves social media marketing, lead generation consultancy, website creation, and webinar marketing without spending a fortune on programs and prescriptions.

She also co-authored the book The Power of Transformation with Pat Mesiti, in which she discusses how to run your own successful online marketing business.

Deb Pengilly works in DCK Digital Marketing Solutions, where she projects her knowledge and expert tips and tricks. She offers various skills training required to run your own successful online marketing business or gain crucial and up-to-date marketing knowledge for business owners.

This episode is a must-listen if you want to integrate digital marketing with traditional media to build strong growth strategies for your business.


The Healing Power of Self Expression And Problem Solving Through The Creative Process: Holistic Counselor Jo Hayter

Jo Hayter is a writer, educator, and holistic counselor specializing in creative therapy. They have a program called unretirable that has a mission to inspire growth, healing, and transformation.

She also co-authored the book with Pat Mesiti entitled, The Power of Transformation: Unlock Your Ideal Mindset, Business, Wealth and Potential to Achieve Massive Success.

Jo Hayter goes through stressful, depressing, and other unpleasant situations in life, just like the people she helps today. At first, she had to go with the conventional way of dealing with this negative mentality, taking anti-depressants. When it did not work, that’s where she began writing. Thus, her creative space was opened, which alleviates the stress and tension in her body.

This discovery led her to build creative movement therapy modalities, in which they use any form of creativity to help people get rid of their stress, anxiety, and depression, rather than the usual ways of dealing with these problems. Currently, Jo Hayter is now helping people break through and start growth, healing, and transformation.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone who is burdened by the pressure of various problems in their life—those who want to find the path towards a life of joy and peace.


Style, Redecorate, And Transform Your Living Space With The Innovate Renovate Specialists: Home Renovation Expert Margo Eastwood

Margo Eastwood is a business owner, coach, and expert on home renovation. She has an online business called The Secrets to Innovation and Renovation for Profit. In there, she teaches and coaches the secrets to innovation. She also has a business store in Design Life Décor which is all about creative ideas in designing your home. Aside from that, she is also a co-author of the book Ready, Aim, Succeed.

Margo is very passionate about what she’s doing. She loves interior design and colors. It’s what makes her unique among others. When a project she’s working on is completed, she feels excited. It is something that she never expected.

Home renovation isn’t entirely easy. You got to prepare a lot of things. These include the budget, design, color matching, etc. Some mistakes are also made in home renovation.

Margo also encountered problems and challenges, both personal and business related. However, she believes that these will all be rewarded at the end of the day. After all the hardships and taking one step at a time, it will be rewarded.

This episode is a must-listen for those who are interested in renovating and innovating their homes, especially those who want to know how to start it.