The Healing Power of Self Expression And Problem Solving Through The Creative Process: Holistic Counselor Jo Hayter

Jo Hayter is a writer, educator, and holistic counselor specializing in creative therapy. They have a program called unretirable that has a mission to inspire growth, healing, and transformation.

She also co-authored the book with Pat Mesiti entitled, The Power of Transformation: Unlock Your Ideal Mindset, Business, Wealth and Potential to Achieve Massive Success.

Jo Hayter goes through stressful, depressing, and other unpleasant situations in life, just like the people she helps today. At first, she had to go with the conventional way of dealing with this negative mentality, taking anti-depressants. When it did not work, that’s where she began writing. Thus, her creative space was opened, which alleviates the stress and tension in her body.

This discovery led her to build creative movement therapy modalities, in which they use any form of creativity to help people get rid of their stress, anxiety, and depression, rather than the usual ways of dealing with these problems. Currently, Jo Hayter is now helping people break through and start growth, healing, and transformation.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone who is burdened by the pressure of various problems in their life—those who want to find the path towards a life of joy and peace.