Get Perspective, Transformation, And Success From Hard Work, Gratitude, And Mindset To Achieve Your Goals: Law Of Attraction Expert Martine Lambert

Martine Lambert is the embodiment of hard work, confidence, gratitude, a proper mindset, and attaining goals. She is also a happy and fulfilled person. In the face of adversity, nothing can stop her. Throughout her journey, she uncovered that understanding who we are and our mind is the path to a successful life.
Martine also co-authored the book Dream Big And Act Fast with Pat Mesiti.

In life, we dream big, make wishes, and set goals we want to achieve. However, something blocks us from attaining what we want, and that is ourselves. Not understanding who we are and our mind is most people’s bottleneck. And so, being aware of our mind is the key to achieving the dreams and wishes we want, ultimately reaching an enjoyable life everyone yearns for.

Tune in and listen to this episode as Martine shares her transformation journey in life, the six mental faculties of consciousness, the importance of understanding your mind, the law of attraction and the law of vibration, and many more.