Overcoming Narcissistic Abuse and Toxic Relationships with Relationship Coach Karyn Bond

Karyn Bond is a relationship recovery coach who helps people overcome narcissistic and toxic relationships. She draws from her own experiences with a narcissistic mother and relationships with narcissistic men. Karyn underwent her healing journey, where she realized she was subconsciously attracting these toxic people and contributing to unhealthy relationship dynamics. Through counseling and self-research, Karyn gained insights into trauma bonding and how to overcome it. She now runs an 8-step recovery program and offers coaching, webinars, and support groups to help others identify narcissistic manipulation tactics, set healthy boundaries, improve self-esteem, and break free from toxic cycles so they can prioritize their well-being and happiness.

Are you constantly questioning yourself in your relationships, wondering what you’re doing wrong as fights and arguments seem to come out of nowhere? Perhaps you feel emotionally drained with certain people around you.  If pleasing others has become an endless chase with no way to ever feel good enough, you may be dealing with narcissistic abuse. In this episode, Karyn Bond shares how she was finally able to break free by gaining a deeper understanding of narcissism, setting clear boundaries, and prioritizing self-care


Talking Points

  • Impact On Mental Health Of Narcissistic Relationship – A narcissist is self-centered and manipulative in relationships. Ultimately, the narcissist needs you to be dependent on them and fulfill their needs for admiration.  This can make you feel like you’re going crazy and erode your self-esteem. 
  • Break From These Toxic Relationships – Karyn had multiple toxic relationships because of her childhood trauma and felt emotionally drained. She learned about trauma bonding and worked on herself to stop the cycle.
  • Setting boundaries with toxic people – Karyn realizes that she is contributing to toxic relationships by not setting boundaries and allowing abuse. She learned that boundary setting is crucial for maintaining distance in toxic relationships, even when communication is necessary for shared responsibilities like co-parenting.
  • Identifying And Healing From Narcissistic Abuse – Karyn describes an 8-step program that first explains what narcissism is, then helps you recognize its effects in your life, and finally guides you through healing by learning to value and prioritize yourself.
  • Finding Joy in Life – Engaging in enjoyable activities boosts self-esteem and strengthens relationships. Maintain personal hobbies alongside shared activities.

Check out this episode to learn Karen’s insights on recognizing manipulation tactics, stopping the cycle of self-blame, and empowering yourself to choose a happier path forward.