Build Friendships, Heal From Your Past Trauma, and Overcome Grief Through Art Therapy: Healing Art Facilitator Genevieve Arthy

Genevieve Arthy is a Prophetic Artist. She hears from God and is a single mother of 4 grown children, which are her joy and life. Through God’s grace, Genevieve has overcome significant health issues and divorce. She has supported her family through many traumas and health challenges, including the death of her third son and the Stage 4 Cancer diagnosis of her oldest son. Gen has this inner capacity of Courage, Faith and Belief that God always looks after her and her family. She hears from God and follows what he tells her to do.

This starts with your painting to grieve and heal.

Gen is also a co-author with Pat Mesiti in the book Ready, Aim, Succeed.

In this episode, Gen explains why the creative process of painting allows a person to express themselves and heal. The most common problem Gen encounters is people focusing on the result. People forget God blesses even in the darkest times of our life, and amidst misfortunes, connecting with people worldwide and building connections will give you healing.

What Gen loves about her life is that God gave her a miracle, which is her ability to paint; that has been her release.

This episode is a must-listen if you need help getting through the darkest times with the grace of God, if you believe.