Ask The Right Questions To Find Your Truth, Gratitude, Forgiveness, And Personal Change: Personal Intuitive Enlighter Mea Bishop

Mea Bishop is a life coach and author. She specializes in removing our self-limitations and beliefs that hinder us from achieving our dream. She has a program called Mea Bishop Bringing Breakthrough, in which she helps people find the truth, have forgiveness, and be grateful.

She also co-authored the book with Pat Mesiti entitled Ready, Aim, Succeed!: Fight For Your Wealth, Success & Happiness To Live Your Best Life Ever.

Before being enlightened, Mea Bishop was a serious person. She also struggles and gets easily frustrated when things are done differently than what she thinks is right. But then, she started to question the way she thought. Thus, clarity came to her, and the transformation began. Mea’s mission is to help others have clarity in life, let go of their limiting beliefs, bring breakthroughs and achieve their big dreams.

This episode is a must-listen for those individuals who want to change, transform, and be enlightened to unlock the best you, live freely, and dream big.