How to Talk And Communicate With Your Dog: Dog Trainer Helen Stevens

Helen Stevens is a dog trainer from Train Your Dog With Helen. Helen wants to help you train your dog by understanding their motivations and start thinking differently about your dog’s behaviour. She wants people to realize that they are there to support and guide their dogs as they navigate life to live in our human world. And to understand their communication a lot deeper.

This starts with you changing your thinking about your dog’s behaviour.

Helen is also a co-author with Pat Mesiti in the book The Power of Transformation.

In this episode, Helen explains why dog training is important. The most common problem Helen see is the leash pulling. People frequently neglect to train their dogs in how they want them to walk nicely alongside them. And many people believe that dogs shouldn’t do it until they are fully grown. The issue is that the dog already knows how to pull by the time it is an adult. So we must learn the skills needed to train a dog to walk politely next to us while on a leash.

Helen loves when individuals go above and above and make an effort to train their dogs because some work is needed if you want to achieve something.

Helen also explains the technique of using eye contact with a dog. Teaching your dog that keeping an eye on you and making eye contact with you is the best imaginable and should be highly praised.

This episode is a must-listen if you need help training your dog using positive reinforcement training.