Live a Better Life, Feel Positive About Yourself, And Overcome Fear: Motivational Encourager Graham Ropata

Graham Ropata is a motivational encourager and also a co-author with Pat Mesiti in the book Dream Big and Act Fast. He helps people financially, giving them simple meals and advice on how to live a better and more successful life. Graham, his wife, and their children help individuals change their lives and become better people.

In this episode, Graham shares his life principles, struggles, how he recovered, how people need to go back to basic life principles, and the importance of helping others.

Love’s gone right out of the world nowadays. The problem is when you go out, in a restaurant, for example, people just sit there, and they’re playing on their phones. Because of all the technology and other things that have been thrown at us, communication barriers have been broken down. You see kids sitting in their living rooms, doing nothing except playing on their phones; they’re not outside playing like they used to. We need to get back to some principles, like kids playing in the park, going out and having fun with their parents.

Graham finds out that many educated people may have brains on top, but they have no idea when it comes to fundamental living and getting things properly. He says that when he found God, he completely changed and found a purpose in life.

This is a must-listen if you want to live a better and more successful life but aren’t sure what to do.