Business Mastery Escalator! Six Laws To Grow, Scale, and Thrive: Mindset Expert Jacqueline Day

Jacqueline Day has 15 years of helping businesses and entrepreneurs to grow, scale and thrive using the strategies in her three-day program, which is the business mastery escalator, the six laws to grow, scale and thrive. She’s a master coach, a mindset expert and an international speaker.

Jacqueline is also a co-author with Pat Mesiti in the book Dream Big and Act Fast.

In this episode, Jacqueline discusses what keeps businesses from growing and scaling. She’ll help you understand what making processes is like, what’s missing from a lot of business owners, why you should celebrate your small wins, and Jacqueline’s idea of six laws to help your business scale, grow and thrive.

Jacqueline finds that many business owners don’t start to forecast properly. They put some numbers together, but where did they come from in the first place? And forecasting may not have been a top priority for them, but it is now starting to matter more and more to them. And if they don’t have a strategy in place, they won’t be able to see the problems that are coming. So they’re not going to be able to anticipate what the problems could be.

Additionally, business owners push themselves to wear all hats and take on tasks related to finance, production, marketing, and other areas. As a result, they begin to burn out and lose their passion for the company they own.

This episode is a must-listen if you’re planning to grow and scale your business but is having difficulty with where to begin.