Achieve Your Goals Through Strategies and Taking Action: Inspirational Educational Coach Fololi Lologa

Fololi Lologa is an inspirational, motivational, dedicated, and passionate educational coach and mentor in the tertiary education sector and the personal development arena.

Fololi directs people to the pathways where they can pursue and achieve their higher academic goals, whether re-qualifying with a teaching degree, a nursing degree, or whatever pathway they want to get into.

Having intentional goals, setting goals and strategies, and following by action makes a big difference. Anyone can have big dreams. However, if we don’t follow the plans and take the necessary steps, then they are all just but a dream.

In this episode, Fololi talks about goals, strategies, and actions. She discusses the topic she teaches, which distinguishes her from others and which no one else can do quite as well.
According to Fololi, taking action is the most challenging when it comes to setting strategies and having action. You’ve got to aim high.

Fololi maintains high standards for herself and her students since, more often than not, students lack self-confidence and don’t believe they are capable of more.
Fololi is passionate about setting goals and embracing challenges and obstacles in her pathway.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone having difficulty setting goals and taking action to achieve their dreams and aspirations.