Concentration and Precision Equals Holistic Horse Training: Horsemanship Trainer Norm Glenn

Norm Glenn is a horsemanship trainer who teaches horse owners how to control their horses in risky situations and form a respectful bond with them.

Australia Horsemanship provides a practical, user-friendly approach to horse training for adults and children. Their goal is to teach you how to be safe while rebuilding and creating a new relationship with your horse as quickly as possible.

In this episode, Norm discussed the most common issues that horse owners face and how they construct a holistic approach to getting the most out of their horses and promoting wellness.

People want or own horses for a variety of reasons. However, diverse horse activities require a cooperative horse, and safety is the highest priority.

When horse owners cannot develop a calm relationship with their horses, Norm proposes that they seek instruction, learn the essential skills, and practice them with their horses.

Norm discusses his approach to quickly gaining his clients’ confidence and strengthening their skills and automatic reflexes when the horse or horse owner senses fear.

Norm is obsessed with horsemanship accuracy. His training is a system that improves with concentration and precision.

This episode is a must-listen for any horse owner who wants their horse to be happy and comfortable.