How To Become An Unwrapped Leader Who Has The Entrepreneur Mindset To Achieve Massive Business Success: Network Marketing Mentor Dracy Dewar

Dracy Dewar is an author, a certified holistic health coach, and a professional network marketing mentor. The number one thing she loves to do is help people become brave, confident, and more professional to live life to their fullest.

Dracy is just doing what she has done for 30 years. Suddenly, she was challenged to be brave on social media, be more professional and have her Midas touch, where everything you touch turns gold. Thus, she thought the only way to do it was by giving love daily. After that, she wrote a book and became the amazon best seller in 24 hours.

In this episode, Dracy Dewar discussed how she managed her business, the things she was working to improve, and her passion for helping others.

When you identify your nature and honour that, you can nurture a few simple things, and then you can nurture those few simple things because no matter what type of personality you have, you’re destined to succeed because it’s skill set.

Dracy’s mission is to help people get out and be free, become their boss, and be in control of their destiny. That is why she became a holistic health coach to connect with people genuinely.

This episode is a must-listen for business owners to know how to make money with the right networking skills while helping others.