Come Alive! Present Yourself with Vulnerability and Achieve a Perfectly Imperfect Performance: Stage Performance Consultant Billie Wilde

Billie Wilde is an expert on everything to do with stage and loves to watch light bulbs and epiphanies explode around her clients as they work together on their individual problems.
Billie is also a co-author with Pat Mesiti in the book Dream Big and Act Fast.

In this episode, Billie talks about how you can be comfortable with yourself, not be afraid to show your passion, the importance of vulnerability, and how you can deal with your inner critic.

According to Billie, if you’re having fun, everybody else will too. And you should understand that being on the stage is not a scary process. If you own it, you have every right to put it out there. And the most beautiful thing you can do is to give it to them in a manner that they will receive with your passion.

This episode is a must-listen if you want to show up, be present, perform under pressure, and stand up and be the best person you can be.