Inspiration, Encouragement, Hope, and Sailing with Thankfulness: Kingdom Builders Stephen and Kerry Neander

Stephen and Kerry Neander are Australians who had excellent careers but also had broken marriages and suffered from depression. But all changed when God’s grace brought them together, married, and began their healing journey. As they sail across the world, they aim to inspire, encourage, and bring hope to others.

Stephen is a former entrepreneur who worked long hours to provide for his family while his 27-year wife educated their five children. As a result, the youngsters developed a greater bond with their mother.

Kerry, a mother of five grown children, was caught in a similar storm. Her ex-husband announced their divorce on their 30th wedding anniversary. Her 30-year career in education ended at the same time as her involvement with her church community.

Stephen and Kerry will discuss their journey, including their problems, how they battled and overcame their challenges, and how they became involved in sailing and devoted their lives to helping others.

People who are unsure about pursuing their aspirations and those who wish to make a difference should listen to this episode.