Stress Relief, Exercise, Motivation, Health and Longevity: Personal Trainer Caroline Mediati

Caroline Mediati has been in the fitness field for over a decade and is the owner of Oz Fitbodz, where she serves as a Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Wellness Coach, and Mentor.

She also co-authored Speak Up, Step Up, Stand Out with Pat Mesiti, in which she talks about finding the time & discipline to diet & exercise and its importance to our health and wellbeing.

Caroline is driven by a desire to see other people succeed in their pursuit of health and fitness. Success for her clients comes from her individual attention and her unwavering commitment to them. Her customers are motivated to go beyond their comfort zones and accomplish goals they never thought possible thanks to her encouragement, insight, and encouragement.

Listen to this episode if you want some advice on how to find, make, and keep fitness and wellness goals so you can lead a healthier life.