Life Reboot! EFT, Stop Smoking, Overcoming Low Self-Esteem, PTSD, and Phobias: Author, Speaker, Coach & Mentor Kerry Butcher

Kerry Butcher is a people person and loves to make a difference for every people she meets.

Kerry-Ann, the second child and eldest girl in a middle-class family of six, learned the value of responsibility and hard work early. She had a very busy upbringing, participating in activities like Guides, camping, many competitive sports, and outdoor activities, always pushing herself to be better and excel in all she did.

In this episode, Kerry discussed how people deal with obstacles in life and how they reach a point where they don’t know how to solve the situation or where to go from there.

She discusses how listening to an inspiring podcast is an excellent place to start because it gives you hope. Hope is a lovely thing to have; the expectation that something good will occur in your life.

As a successful businesswoman, Kerry excels in sports and constantly plays and joins tournaments.

Kerry Butcher discusses the different reasons why people do not give up. She dedicated herself to identifying and realizing her life’s mission after surviving a drastic change.

Beyond that, Kerry became well known for gathering women from around Australia and SE Asia, teaching and inspiring them. She is also known for her diverse skillset in establishing and growing several successful businesses.

Kerry Butcher’s story is a compelling message to those who have lost hope. Her inspirational testimony of someone who has lived to spread hope and change lives.

This is a must-listen for anyone looking for inspiration and passion for going through life and facing challenges head-on.