Reconnect, Find Fulfillment, Satisfaction, and Live The Life You Deserve: Author & Life Coach Dave Peters

Dave Peters is a life coach and an author. He co-wrote the course correct book with Pat Mesiti, and his other book is titled “When Thinking Goes Wrong.” Dave guides you to rise from victim to victor and gives you a boost that will lead to a happy and successful life.

After Dave shone the light on himself, he discovered that he could also light the light on other people’s problems. From then on, he starts to point people in the right direction. And it became a regular thing for him. Realizing that people don’t value free advice, Dave decided to draw the line and cost a value for his advice.

In this episode, Dave Peters discussed how he overcame feeling disconnected, invisible, or never quite satisfied and happy. He shares his experiences and stories while drowned in darker thoughts.

He became more aware of things around him, how he affects other people, and how their thoughts sometimes affect him.

Rather than sit back and do nothing, Dave thought it was best to take his first steps forward. In the end, he is glad he made it.

Looking at the past will not get you anywhere. It is like walking in reverse. As such, you have to see and do things differently. And the answer to that is getting what you feel and what you believe is all about what you think.

Dave discusses his ways for people to have the right mentality to be unstuck on the past and move forward towards a happy life.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to become the person they were meant to be by breaking free from the past and living the life they deserve.