Practical Techniques for Overcoming Obstacles, Setting Clear Plans, and Tapping Into Synchronicity with Life Coach Victoria Goddard

Victoria Goddard is an entrepreneur, researcher, world adventurer, and traveler from Australia. She co-authored Pat Mesitis’s book Speak Up, Step Up, Stand Out. Despite her age of 60, she still feels like she is at the beginning of her journey. She has a psychology degree and uses practical coaching strategies to help people overcome obstacles. She is currently focused on property development and writing a coaching program to help others based on goal-setting principles, mindset, and overcoming negative self-talk.

Are you frustrated with your current situation? Are you stuck in a career or situation that doesn’t fulfill you? You’re not alone. According to psychologist Victoria Goddard, negative self-talk and a lack of a clear plan are two of the biggest obstacles that prevent people from achieving their goals and living happier, more fulfilling lives. In this discussion, a life coach, Victoria Goddard, shares powerful strategies for overcoming negative self-talk, setting clear goals using reverse engineering, and tapping into the power of synchronicity to manifest your desired outcomes.

Talking Points

  • Passion, focus, and personal development with Victoria Goddard (1:02) – The secrets to success in life even at the age of 60. Victoria enjoys personal development coaching, property development, and entrepreneurship.
  • Practical goal-setting and overcoming obstacles (3:34) – People have more choices than they realize but must take responsibility. Reverse engineering is key to breaking down a large goal into manageable steps.
  • Synchronicity for personal growth (9:20) – Victoria believes in the power of synchronicity, where the mind and actions align to manifest desired outcomes.
  • Negative self-talk and its impact on behavior and relationships (17:34): Negative self-talk can hold people back from achieving their goals. Be authentic and do what you want rather than live a life that doesn’t align with your desires.
  • Overcoming negative thoughts (21:38): Questioning negative thoughts can improve relationships and well-being. Practice yoga and meditation.
  • Enjoying and customizing problem-solving for personal success (31:35) – Enjoy what you do and be good at it for success.

Tune in to the full episode to learn more about the importance of following your passions, the value of having a plan and manifesting desires to achieve goals, challenging negative thoughts to achieve a positive mindset, and more! Let us help you get unstuck and stay motivated to achieve what you truly want!