The Simple Secrets to Natural Health and Healing with Health Advocate Vicki Stanford

Vicki Stanford is a passionate advocate for natural health and wellness. After experiencing gradual aging symptoms and a health crisis in her 40s, she dedicated herself to mineral and hormone balancing through diet and lifestyle changes. As a result, Vicki has unique expertise in helping others navigate lifestyle shifts to prevent disease and regain vitality. Through her website and advice, Vicki empowers people to take control of their health by making sustainable improvements to nutrition, digestion and whole-body wellbeing.

Are you tired of feeling achy and sluggish as you get older? Frustrated by confusing and sometimes contradictory health advice out there? In this podcast, Vicki Stanford shares her journey from gradually declining health to discovering natural remedies that helped her feel like a new person. She discusses how deficiencies in important minerals like magnesium and MSM contributed to her joint pain and stiffness. Vicki also opens our eyes to the pervasive unhealthy ingredients in most processed foods due to lax regulations and food industry priorities that sacrifice our well-being for profits.


Talking Points

Vicki Stanford is a passionate advocate for natural health and wellness.

  • Discovering the impact of mineral deficiencies on health Vicki discusses the importance of minerals like iodine and magnesium for overall health, citing benefits such as improved bone density and reduced calcification in veins and brain.
  • Understanding your body’s needs Advocating for personalized approaches and lifestyle changes for hormone balances.
  • Breaking unhealthy food habits. Emphasizing the ease of falling into bad habits, stressing the need for mindfulness, planning for healthier choices and challenges in accessing unprocessed foods due to additives and preservatives.
  • Small changes for big health improvements. Vicki recommends beginning with organic produce from the “Dirty Dozen” list and making incremental changes; cautions against abruptly transitioning to a raw food diet, citing potential gut shock..
  • Enhancing digestion through food preparation. More health benefits from lightly steaming cabbage family vegetables like broccoli and cabbage instead of consuming them raw; research beneficial foods and their preparation methods
  • Making health a priority. Prioritize health, taste, and cost in food choices; ensure nutritional value and avoid harmful ingredients.

Tune in to the full episode to learn more about practical strategies for improving your health through small, sustainable lifestyle changes rather than drastic overhauls! Take proactive steps towards feeling your best without unnecessary medications or expensive treatments. Go forth with knowledge and make choices that support your health and vitality for many years to come