The Pillar Code, Positive Change, Healing, and Transformation: CEO & Founder PJ Ashley

PJ Ashley is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of The Pillar Code.

The Pillar Practice Pty. Ltd. provides and instructs personal development and professional performance programs worldwide. ‘The Pillar Code – 12 Step Program for Life’ and ‘The Corporate Code – 12 Step Program for Business’ provide the mission to ‘Create Positive Change’ to anybody and any business or organization worldwide through a systematic life-changing process.

In this episode, PJ Ashley emphasizes how the world has gotten so disconnected, causing many individuals to feel alone and lost, which has resulted in the current mental health epidemic confronting our communities.

Rather than criticizing, analyzing, and tearing down everything around us, she emphasizes the necessity of a collaborative community that supports helping people get through this period and truly comprehend what it’s about.

As she intentionally cultivates connected individuals and leaders, PJ Ashley is aware that the stresses of life and business can impede the development of every individual, team, and organization. Resilience, mental and physical health, and happiness are not only necessary for success but also the right of every individual.

PJ Ashley discusses The Pillar Code and how it transforms people’s lives and businesses by rescuing them from stress, isolation, and uncertainty and restoring them to Peace, Purpose, and Prosperity.

She talks about her enthusiasm for “Connecting Leaders Consciously” to facilitate the success of leaders and their organizations. By having calm, clear, and self-assured leaders, businesses and organizations achieve their objectives and become happier and healthier, boosting productivity, profits, and happiness for all.

PJ Ashley’s personal experience with the effects of prolonged stress, which dramatically affected the mental and physical health of the workplace as well as the health of individuals, has given her the determination to create positive change and realign herself with what truly brought her joy and her original passion – the art of healing.

This podcast episode is a perfect fit for you to become fully aligned with the present. You must desire to live your life from a place of serenity, with a feeling of purpose, and manifest the prosperity of the life you choose.

PJ Ashley emphasizes that we need to be a collaborative community, supporting and helping people get through this time and understand what it’s about rather than criticizing, critiquing, and pulling everything down around us.

The aim of the Pillar Code is to provide individuals, leaders, and organizations with an experience of a journey of healing via their holistic programs.

The Pillar Code – 12-step program for Life’ and The Corporate Code – 12-step program for Business’ deliver their mission to ‘Create Positive Change’ to anyone and any business or organization around the world.

The Pillar Code is formally recognized as a modality and recognized in 39 countries, and it is a fast-growing organization with clients in many countries around the world.