Build Your Confidence, Professional Fulfillment, and Find Purpose at Work: Career Advisor Felicity Kleu

Felicity Kleu is one of the authors of the book Beyond Limitations. “Guidance and Opportunity to Grow” is the title of her chapter.

The book Beyond Limitations is a compilation of inspiring stories of thought leaders, experts, and action-takers who conquered adversity from all walks of life. This book will teach you how to harness the power of fear to accomplish personal breakthroughs and improve your life.

Felicity talks about the problem of people not realizing they are unfulfilled in their chosen careers because we tend to settle for what we have without seeing what we can be and achieve.

Thus, Felicity’s goal is to help individuals decide if they are content. And if they are, that’s great. But if not, what is it they want to do?

Felicity worked as a licensed nurse for 38 years and encountered several issues. During that time, she also observes young people in other professions, where people just do it for the money but do not enjoy it.

Felicity shares the story of a person she’d talk to. This person worked in the bank and became a PA for different organizations. The person did well in those jobs but was never fulfilled or happy. Why? Because her attitude wasn’t right at work.

Felicity tells the method of how she helps people get through their problems. Interview, questioning, tools, and everything needed for the individual to step and gain personal confidence.

Felicity Kleu’s knowledge, passion, and wisdom provide us with the necessary steps to get through our career struggles.