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Use Faith And Spirituality To Overcome Life’s Struggles! Improve Your Mental and Physical Wellbeing: Health And Wellness Coach Alison Jessup

Alison Jessup, a health and wellness coach, is the proprietor of Fresh Start Health and Wellness. This service provides a variety of wholesome lifestyle programs aimed at delivering enduring results and transformative well-being experiences.

Alison is deeply committed to supporting women on their journey to flourishing with radiant well-being, boundless energy, inner strength, holistic wellness, and unwavering vitality. Through her passion for health and wellness, she strives to empower women to achieve a state of vibrant living that encompasses physical strength, emotional balance, and a thriving sense of overall health.

Additionally, she has collaborated with Pat Mesiti as a co-author for the book Beyond Limitations and she has authored her own book Life’s Adventure.

In this episode, Alison will delve into her experiences of loss, grief, and cancer and share valuable insights on how to move forward and experience a level of healing that brings peace, joy and a heart filled with gratitude. Her insights will centre around the importance of faith, the power to choose life, and the wonderful benefits of pursuing a life of health and wellness.

This episode caters to individuals who find themselves struggling with health challenges, including fatigue and excess weight. It also addresses those who might have lost their sense of faith and optimism. Join in to gain valuable insights and not miss out on the opportunity for transformation!


Serve God, Access The Supernatural, Become Born Again, And Reach Your Potential: Prophet Gerald Nyasulu

Dr. Gerald Nyasulu has been a devoted Christian since 1994 with a profound connection to the supernatural realm. Driven by his own experiences, he guides others to embrace and achieve a heightened level of the supernatural in their lives. Through his ministry, he witnesses remarkable signs and wonders, and his discipleship program offers a transformative journey towards personal growth and spiritual awakening.

His aspiration involves nurturing Christians who embrace an everlasting existence, encompassing genuine and firsthand comprehension of the Father and Jesus Christ. This encompasses individuals who lead triumphant lives imbued with purpose and fulfillment.

He has also collaborated with Pat Mesiti as a co-author in the book Dream Big And Act Fast: Cultivate the Mindset of Abundance for a Path to Prosperity, Continuous Growth, and Lasting Wealth.

Dr. Nyasulu discusses the consequences of ignorance and stresses the significance of understanding that one’s life is shaped by their knowledge and hindered by their lack of it. He underscores the importance of seeking expertise and learning from those who have mastered a particular field to avoid the steep costs that ignorance can incur. He encourages everyone to reject complacency and to remember that what might seem impossible is often only constrained within the limits of your awareness, and that possibilities exist beyond your perspective.

This episode is transformative for those keen on personal growth, self-improvement, and broadening their knowledge, as well as individuals eager to adopt fresh viewpoints, question assumptions, and discover new horizons. Don’t miss out!


The Secrets To A Successful Relationship, Marriage, And Parenting Through Stress, Struggles, and Adversity: Life Coach Herna and Henk ten Cate

Herna and Henk ten Cate are a dynamic duo of co-authors who have faced and overcome numerous challenges in their lives, including parenting a child with diabetes. They believe that relationships require structure and effective strategies to deal with both good and bad times. They have found inspiration in their faith, resilience, and commitment to each other.

Through books, seminars, and real-life experiences they built a toolbox of invaluable instruments that have helped them to navigate life’s twists and turns.
Their unwavering commitment to finding solutions together has resulted in a happy and fulfilling relationship that they are passionate about sharing with others.


Clarity and Direction About Your Living Will, Estate Planning, Grief, and Gratitude: End-of-Life Planner Deb Martin

Deb Martin lives on the south coast of New South Wales. She is a mother of six young adult children and the grandmother of two.

She has been home educating for over 22 years while also being involved in local community groups.

In 2010, after 20 years of marriage, her husband became ill and passed away. As a grieving widow, she suddenly realised the true value of having an end-of-life plan and was deeply grateful for the clarity and direction amidst her season of grief.

She has stood by numerous women, offering support and guidance through their husbands’ illnesses and their eventual passing. Deb also enjoys meeting new people, including those from diverse cultures and beliefs.

She is energised by ocean swims, beach walks, laughter, fresh food, family gatherings, and /…. road trips to new townships and quiet places. Prayer, study, and meditation have been her way of life for nearly three decades.

Numerous events in Deb’s life inspired her to write a book, sharing her experiences of her husband’s passing, seasons of grief, and the importance of end-of-life planning.
It is her hope to help others navigate this often overlooked aspect of life.

She is not just someone who understands the theory of end-of-life planning; she lives it. Deb has walked this path, experienced the emotional roller-coaster, and emerged with a profound understanding of its importance.

Deb has turned her experiences into a source of support for others, so they can create their own end-of-life plan, providing clarity and direction for loved ones, and not leave behind a mess.


Financial Money Strategies for Women Over 50: Estate Agent, Author, Speaker Vicki Love

Vicki Love, an experienced financial expert and creator of the “Love Method,” shares her transformative insights on money management, personal growth, and navigating life’s challenges.

Discover how Vicki’s unique approach combines financial wisdom with inner peace, offering a refreshing perspective on building wealth and embracing change. From surprising stories of missed opportunities to profound lessons in mindfulness, Vicki’s conversation with the host sheds light on the evolving landscape of finances, retirement, and happiness. Tune in to explore strategies for women over 50, unlocking potential, and crafting a life of fulfillment in a rapidly changing world.