Art Therapy and Art as a Therapeutic Tool: Children’s Creative Coach Sarah Peterson

Have you ever wondered how to help your child process their emotions and develop essential life skills in a fun and engaging way?

Join us in this episode as we delve into the transformative power of art therapy for children with the passionate and experienced Sarah Peterson, a creative children’s coach.

Sarah Peterson, the transformative force behind Billabong Bliss Art Studio, holds the key to unlocking a world of possibilities for children. With a heart full of compassion and a canvas filled with colors, she’s changing lives through art therapy. Sarah’s expertise lies in creating safe spaces where kids can express themselves, conquer emotional hurdles, and foster lifelong connections. Her groundbreaking approach has sparked increased confidence in countless children and turned art class into the highlight of their week. By addressing the modern-day challenges children face, Sarah’s work is nothing short of a revolution in nurturing young minds. Get ready to be inspired!

Sarah’s mission is to harness the incredible potential of art therapy to help children deal with trauma, emotional challenges, and build confidence.


Talking Points

[02:40] – The Power of Art Therapy. Discover why art is an invaluable tool for children to process emotions and regain emotional balance. “We can’t process with our words when we’re dysregulated,” says Sarah, emphasizing the unique role art plays in helping children settle and communicate their feelings.

[10:29] – Creating a Sense of Community. Learn how art classes can foster connections among children, even those who might struggle in the traditional playground environment. Sarah shares heartwarming stories of children finding their place in a structured art classroom.

[15:38] – Benefits of Fine Motor Skills. Explore the importance of fine motor skills development through art, especially in a digital age. Sarah explains how these skills support cognitive growth and emotional regulation.

[21:39] – The Healing Power of Art. Delve into how art can help children calm down, process emotions, and find solutions to challenges. Sarah emphasizes the significance of valuing the child over the behavior.

[23:51] – Embrace Curiosity. In Sarah’s own words, “Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back.” Understand the role curiosity plays in a rewarding and fulfilling life.
Art therapy isn’t just about creativity; it’s a powerful tool for emotional growth and self-expression in children.

Connect with Sarah Peterson on Instagram at Billabong Bliss Art Studio and keep an eye out for her upcoming online art lessons for children. Unlock your child’s potential through art therapy and discover the countless benefits it can bring to their emotional well-being and personal development.