Master Your Subconscious, Transform Your Beliefs: Healer & Transformational Mentor Peter Harris

Peter Harris from The Invisible College is a healer, life coach, and transformational mentor. He has authored a book called Be Careful What You Wish For, Your Subconscious is Listening and co-authored Adapt and Overcome with Pat Mesiti.

Peter will talk and have us listen to his teaching, such as Theta Healing, transforming beliefs, and getting your subconscious to work for you instead of against you.

He changes people’s lives by changing what they believe in. It’s creating what they’re putting out into the world.

The Invisible College deals with the invisible before it becomes physical. Peter believes that because everything is energy and you can’t destroy it, you should transform it instead. And it applies to your beliefs too.

Suppose someone doesn’t believe in achieving success in their occupation. In that case, Peter will try to energetically remove that belief from their subconscious and replace it with the belief that they know and understand how to be successful.

Peter picks up on what people believe in by listening very intently. He believes that our words betray our truth. Sometimes people don’t realize what they’re saying, so it’s up to other people to pick up and understand their words.

He reflects on doing cedar healing more than 2 decades ago. Peter remembers all his interests at the time, including tarot cards and his job in the civil service

This episode is a must-listen for those seeking psychological help, healing, and self-transformation advice.