Rebuilding Self-Worth And Gratitude: Bullying Recovery Coach Michele Meyburgh

Are you a parent witnessing your child’s struggles with bullying? Wondering how to rebuild their shattered self-esteem? Dive into our riveting conversation with Michele Meyburgh, a beacon of hope in the realm of bullying recovery. Drawing from deeply personal experiences, Michele unravels her unique “Bullying Recovery Empower Method.” Discover why Michele’s expertise is the lifeline countless parents have been seeking. Can you truly help your child navigate these murky waters and come out stronger? Listen and find out!

Michele Meyburgh is the founder of Youth Empowered. She is passionate about helping parents with primary school children recover from bullying and to rebuild their self worth, so they can get back to thriving in life using her unique 7 Step Bullying Recovery Empower Method.

Michele is a qualified hypnotherapist and has a Bachelor of Journalism degree from Rhodes University in South Africa with a major in Psychology for 4 years. She also has honors in Industrial Psychology and completed a Diploma in Advertising with honors in Strategic Planning.

Michele immigrated to Australia in 2008, where her focus has been on working with children from teaching kids yoga to facilitating a sensory development baby and toddlers programme. She is a mom with two teenage children, married, loves to travel and her main focus is helping children to thrive.

Currently studying NFT (Neuro Transformation Therapy) Life Coaching – where you learn to unlock neuro pathways in the brain to create change, working primarily with the subconscious mind.