Homeschooling Advantages and Frequently Asked Questions: Home School Coach Alison Roy

Alison Manoukian, co-author of Fast Forward to Success, offers a webinar and a basic homeschool program. Their goal is to provide relevant, up-to-date educational tools, products, training, and strategies for those wanting to home-school or already home-schooling their children.

In this episode, Alison shared the problems of parents who are concerned about the mainstream education system and want to homeschool their children.
She thought of using her skills and experience during her university degree to help parents who want to understand homeschooling.

Children learn in different ways, and homeschooling provides the flexibility to adjust how you teach depending on your children. For example, evolution is taught basically as a fact rather than a theory, which is what it is. So from a religious background, you could teach it as a theory because that’s what it is.

Alison is excited about the future of homeschooling since you can already find Facebook groups about homeschooling. Social media allows homeschooling families not to be isolated anymore. There are also social events that are a great encouragement for homeschooling parents and children.

Alison also talked about the website she recently created and is currently developing a course to help parents learn about the different aspects of homeschooling to build their confidence.

This episode is a must-listen for any parent struggling to decide if they will homeschool their children. This will provide insights and encouragement to know more about homeschooling and its advantages.