Academy of Advanced Learning, Embrace Change and Personal Growth: Construction RPL Mentor Malcolm Lange

In this podcast, the guest is Malcolm Lange, an expert in construction RPL (Recognized Prior Learning) mentoring from Malcolm shares his personal journey, which includes overcoming challenges such as failed marriages and businesses to achieve a fulfilling and happy family life. He emphasizes his passion for helping others achieve their goals, particularly in the construction industry, where he has accumulated over 40 years of experience.

Malcolm introduces the concept of RPL, explaining how it enables individuals in the construction industry to obtain qualifications based on their existing knowledge and experience. He shares a story about a Polish painter who struggled to secure qualifications in Western Australia but succeeded through the RPL process with Malcolm’s guidance.
Throughout the podcast, Malcolm highlights the importance of having an open mind when seeking a mentor and taking that crucial first step toward achieving one’s goals. He encourages listeners not to be afraid and to reach out for assistance, assuring them that there is always a way to overcome challenges and achieve their aspirations.