Recover From Your Past Mistakes Through Self Improvement: Spatial Information Expert Brendan Henry

Brendan Henry is a Liberty Advisor with a mindset centered on learning from past mistakes and self-improvement. He has a wide range of interests, including board games, politics, economics, martial arts, and other interesting things.

He also co-authored the book Ready, Aim, Succeed with Pat Mesiti.

In this episode, Brendan talks about liberation or freedom. He shares his story of how he break through the mindset that limits his potential, the importance of taking small steps, learning from the past, the importance of positive affirmations and how to take the steps to liberation.

When you view freedom, you likely consider it to include not only freedom from physical limitations but also freedom from mental and emotional ones, as well as a wide range of other factors that may be holding people back.

This episode is a must-listen if you’re being a slave to your own thoughts and looking for ways to change your mindset and steps towards liberation.