Strategies To Confront Your Aggressor At School, Home And Work: Anti Bullying Crusader Maria Warlow

Maria Warlow is an anti-bullying advocate and the author of “Course Correct: Bullying, Oppression, and Aggression,” as well as a co-author of “Course Correct” with Pat Mesiti.

Maria and her children have both been bullied. She feels that bullying is a cycle in which those who have been bullied can also become bullies. Bullying, according to Maria, is a tense energy that will not go away unless we do something about it. As a result, Maria advocates for people to learn how to fight back using words rather than physically striking back.

In this episode, Maria Warlow explored bullying, why it occurs, and how you can confront your aggressor and fight back effectively.

Maria addresses how bullying is a difficult subject to solve and her strategy for resolving it.