Fight Your Fears, Follow Your Dreams, Get Inspired, Be Creative, and Take Action: The War in Falkirk Author Paul McKerracher

Paul McKerracher is a writer and the author of the book The War in Falkirk and co-authored Beyond Limitations with Pat Mesiti.

Paul was passionate about writing; most of his publications were war stories. His writing begins with an idea and evolves through observing and reading various historical collections and artifacts.

In this episode, Paul McKerracher discussed his creative writing process and the historical and imaginative inspiration behind his amazing combat novels.

If you continue to write your novel according to traditions, you and your story may end nowhere. Instead, develop your style and stick to one path before expanding out to connect with and pursue other ideas.

This episode is a must-listen for writers who aspire to improve their craft and produce works of fiction that are remarkable and captivating.