Rebuild Confidence, Overcome Self-Pity, and Regain Your Self-Esteem: Holistic Counselor & The Uncommon Life Coach Rhonda Lawson

Rhonda Lawson is a qualified Holistic Counselor, Life Coach, and the founder of The Uncommon Life Coach.

The Uncommon Life Coach is the first online program for women aged 50 to 70 that eliminates overwhelm by demonstrating precisely what you need to focus on to rebuild your confidence and self-esteem, bring you into your magnificence, and coach you through the activities you need to do.

In this episode, Rhonda Lawson addressed the issue that many individuals in this generation do not speak into the minds and hearts of mature women. Numerous mature women, particularly those divorced and alone in their later years, feel invisible and unimportant. They appear to be the so-called “Forgotten Generation.”

Being in the same situation where she also experiences different struggles, Rhonda Lawson wants to help mature women rebuild and regain some of their self-confidence. And to realize what they have to offer. She is here to encourage that it’s worth the effort if you dig in and put your life on a restoration trajectory.

Rhonda studied counseling before deciding to go online and start her own website. It grew massively in two years by producing and delivering a course in which she could utilize her expertise and wisdom to create a course that could be offered to many others.

Rhonda has moments when she feels stuck and negative energy pours through her. Her own might would not let go. That’s when she had to turn to the group, mentor, coach, or anybody she could find to assist her in getting out of there. So she may regain her stride, speed, and momentum.

She talks about how many people are lost in this world, but the older generation still has a lot to offer, such as wisdom, knowledge, and experiences. Rhonda doesn’t want them to be stuck; she is there to support them because that’s what she has done. Rhonda feels magnificent now.

It’s time for you to listen to this podcast, especially if you are a woman who feels lonely, irrelevant, and invincible in this generation. Rhonda shares her feelings, stories, and journey on how to become magnificent and help women like you feel magnificent.