Technical Analysis, Resilience, and Emotional Control on Market Success with Stock Market Trader Malcolm Kleu

Malcolm Kleu, co-author of “The Lightbulb Moment,” will be the speaker at this meeting. Originally trained as a mechanical engineer, he transitioned to farming, built a robust trading system based on technical analysis and trend following, and now owns an olive farm with over 1,000 trees. Malcolm has a long-standing interest in the stock and forex markets. He had a successful investment run from 2003-2007 but suffered significant losses during the Global Financial Crisis as he struggled to identify the right time to sell. This experience was an important learning opportunity for him. Since then, he has dedicated himself to studying trading strategies and technical analysis, creating a unique system of his own. His story is worth hearing because it demonstrates the importance of continuous learning, emotional intelligence, and resilience in the face of adversity.

Are you interested in knowing how to move through the stock market confidently? In this episode, we learn more about Malcolm Kleu’s interesting life. He used to be a mechanical engineer but now farms and knows a lot about the stock market. Find out about the mental and emotional sides of dealing and learn a lot from his unique point of view. Malcolm’s life shows how important it is to be able to change and understand other people’s feelings, from the highs of huge market gains to the lows of big financial losses. Listen here as we talk about how his experiences have changed him and how he has been successful in trade.

Meet Malcolm Kleu: The engineer-turned-farmer who mastered the stock market. What makes him an inspiration? His ability to combine technical analysis with emotional intelligence and practical experience to guide others through the complexities of trading.

  • Learning and Combining Approaches, Malcolm discusses learning from others’ mistakes and combining different approaches
  • Managing Trading Emotion, Malcolm discusses managing emotions like fear and greed in trading
  • Market Extreme Moments, Malcolm shares a surprising moment of buying/selling at market extremes
  • Importance of Health in Trading, Malcolm emphasizes the importance of mental and physical health for trading

If you want to start trading stocks, Malcolm’s last words of advice stress how important it is to trust your gut, learn from others, and be aware of how you’re feeling. 

Watch the whole episode to learn more about Malcolm Kleu’s trading methods and personal journey, and stay tuned for his free introductory training on how to master the most important trading indicators. The goal of this course is to give you the skills and information you need to confidently navigate the market.