Scale Your Business 100X or More Through the Proper Business Mindset, Tools, and Strategy: Investor & Mentor Juan Jeffery

Juan Jeffery is a serial entrepreneur and investor. He has built and scaled 12 businesses up to 10 figures. He helps six-figure businesses become seven-plus-figure businesses.

Juan is one of the authors of the book, Adapt and Overcome. He is also involved with a website called Healthy Wealthy Investor.

His ideal person to work with are business owners that understand that they need to change. Details of the financials aren’t the only things he looks at but the psychology, how they think, their strategy, and their goals.

He observed that most business owners provided themselves with a job. However, he doesn’t believe that that is what business is all about.

It’s all about understanding that business is a wealth-creation vehicle. He saw that owners don’t understand the value of the business itself, which is an issue since they do not believe they can multiply their business revenue by a huge percentage.

Business owners are often not self-aware. They usually don’t think of changing their usual ways. Convincing them of change is key. Otherwise, they fall behind because they’re not competitive in the market. They don’t understand that markets shift.

This episode is a must-listen for people looking to start or expand their businesses.