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Build Friendships, Heal From Your Past Trauma, and Overcome Grief Through Art Therapy: Healing Art Facilitator Genevieve Arthy

Genevieve Arthy is a Prophetic Artist. She hears from God and is a single mother of 4 grown children, which are her joy and life. Through God’s grace, Genevieve has overcome significant health issues and divorce. She has supported her family through many traumas and health challenges, including the death of her third son and the Stage 4 Cancer diagnosis of her oldest son. Gen has this inner capacity of Courage, Faith and Belief that God always looks after her and her family. She hears from God and follows what he tells her to do.

This starts with your painting to grieve and heal.

Gen is also a co-author with Pat Mesiti in the book Ready, Aim, Succeed.

In this episode, Gen explains why the creative process of painting allows a person to express themselves and heal. The most common problem Gen encounters is people focusing on the result. People forget God blesses even in the darkest times of our life, and amidst misfortunes, connecting with people worldwide and building connections will give you healing.

What Gen loves about her life is that God gave her a miracle, which is her ability to paint; that has been her release.

This episode is a must-listen if you need help getting through the darkest times with the grace of God, if you believe.


Ask The Right Questions To Find Your Truth, Gratitude, Forgiveness, And Personal Change: Personal Intuitive Enlighter Mea Bishop

Mea Bishop is a life coach and author. She specializes in removing our self-limitations and beliefs that hinder us from achieving our dream. She has a program called Mea Bishop Bringing Breakthrough, in which she helps people find the truth, have forgiveness, and be grateful.

She also co-authored the book with Pat Mesiti entitled Ready, Aim, Succeed!: Fight For Your Wealth, Success & Happiness To Live Your Best Life Ever.

Before being enlightened, Mea Bishop was a serious person. She also struggles and gets easily frustrated when things are done differently than what she thinks is right. But then, she started to question the way she thought. Thus, clarity came to her, and the transformation began. Mea’s mission is to help others have clarity in life, let go of their limiting beliefs, bring breakthroughs and achieve their big dreams.

This episode is a must-listen for those individuals who want to change, transform, and be enlightened to unlock the best you, live freely, and dream big.


How to Talk And Communicate With Your Dog: Dog Trainer Helen Stevens

Helen Stevens is a dog trainer from Train Your Dog With Helen. Helen wants to help you train your dog by understanding their motivations and start thinking differently about your dog’s behaviour. She wants people to realize that they are there to support and guide their dogs as they navigate life to live in our human world. And to understand their communication a lot deeper.

This starts with you changing your thinking about your dog’s behaviour.

Helen is also a co-author with Pat Mesiti in the book The Power of Transformation.

In this episode, Helen explains why dog training is important. The most common problem Helen see is the leash pulling. People frequently neglect to train their dogs in how they want them to walk nicely alongside them. And many people believe that dogs shouldn’t do it until they are fully grown. The issue is that the dog already knows how to pull by the time it is an adult. So we must learn the skills needed to train a dog to walk politely next to us while on a leash.

Helen loves when individuals go above and above and make an effort to train their dogs because some work is needed if you want to achieve something.

Helen also explains the technique of using eye contact with a dog. Teaching your dog that keeping an eye on you and making eye contact with you is the best imaginable and should be highly praised.

This episode is a must-listen if you need help training your dog using positive reinforcement training.


Raise A Puppy Or Re-Home A Dog With Calmness, Consistency, Patience, and Communication: Dog Breeder and Dog Trainer Robin Oliver

Robin Oliver is a skilled dog trainer and breeder whose speciality is in creating a bonding relationship with your precious animal. She loves giving advice to help you re-train or re-home your dog, create a lasting connection, and making your pup feel safe. In our podcast episode, Robin discusses what you can do from day one to raise your puppy correctly, how to deal with non-dog lovers in the home, and solutions to many simple problems and mistakes dog owners (dog parents) have. If you want to enjoy the many years you have ahead with your loyal dog with minimum confusion and frustration, then this will be the most important podcast episode you’ll ever tune in to.


Start Your Own Online Business With Motivation, Mindset, A Mentor, And Massive Action: Online Coach and WordPress Security Expert George de la Cour

George de la Cour is an online coach and a WordPress security expert. He has a wide range of experience handling affiliate marketing, WordPress websites, and building an online business. He also co-authored the book Pardon Me, I’m Prospering with Pat Mesiti, in which he discusses the formula for the success of an online business to create a passive income.

George de la Cour is a pilot before being an entrepreneur. He had flown with the Royal Air Force and was a pilot for a large international airline. But since many companies use Covid to violate the terms and conditions, George decided to pursue his own financial independence with his own business. Currently, George’s mission is to help other people create their own online businesses as well as to make time for themselves to enjoy the life we had.

This episode is a must-listen for those individuals who desire to seek financial independence, those who are tired of the conventional 9 to 5 jobs and wants to enjoy their life to the fullest.


Stress Relief, Exercise, Motivation, Health and Longevity: Personal Trainer Caroline Mediati

Caroline Mediati has been in the fitness field for over a decade and is the owner of Oz Fitbodz, where she serves as a Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Wellness Coach, and Mentor.

She also co-authored Speak Up, Step Up, Stand Out with Pat Mesiti, in which she talks about finding the time & discipline to diet & exercise and its importance to our health and wellbeing.

Caroline is driven by a desire to see other people succeed in their pursuit of health and fitness. Success for her clients comes from her individual attention and her unwavering commitment to them. Her customers are motivated to go beyond their comfort zones and accomplish goals they never thought possible thanks to her encouragement, insight, and encouragement.

Listen to this episode if you want some advice on how to find, make, and keep fitness and wellness goals so you can lead a healthier life.


Inspiration, Encouragement, Hope, and Sailing with Thankfulness: Kingdom Builders Stephen and Kerry Neander

Stephen and Kerry Neander are Australians who had excellent careers but also had broken marriages and suffered from depression. But all changed when God’s grace brought them together, married, and began their healing journey. As they sail across the world, they aim to inspire, encourage, and bring hope to others.

Stephen is a former entrepreneur who worked long hours to provide for his family while his 27-year wife educated their five children. As a result, the youngsters developed a greater bond with their mother.

Kerry, a mother of five grown children, was caught in a similar storm. Her ex-husband announced their divorce on their 30th wedding anniversary. Her 30-year career in education ended at the same time as her involvement with her church community.

Stephen and Kerry will discuss their journey, including their problems, how they battled and overcame their challenges, and how they became involved in sailing and devoted their lives to helping others.

People who are unsure about pursuing their aspirations and those who wish to make a difference should listen to this episode.


How to Present Better, Business Communication, Listening Skills, and Positive Self Talk: Maverick Communicator Justin Maxwell

Justin Maxwell, the Maverick Communicator, is a personal coach whose mission is to lessen misconceptions caused by poor communication.

He also co-authored The Best Chapter of Your Life with Pat Mesiti, in which he talks about the four different ways you can connect with others and how to comprehend them when you do so. He believes that communication gets increasingly more difficult when you’re trying to do it with multiple people at once.

Justin will talk about communication problems and how to solve them, sorting your priorities to make things easier, listening with intent, and introversion, and fixing miscommunications by being an overall better communicator.

This episode is for people who have difficulties expressing themselves to others. For those who are unable to properly communicate with people causing misunderstandings.