Creativity, Imagination, and Working Together with a Business Partner: Creative Directors Elka Kerkhofs & Cara Maxson

Elka and Cara founded Kelka Art and Design.

Elka is a filmmaker, animator, designer, and SAE Creative Media Institute, an academic lecturer. Cara is a medical professional who focuses on chronic illness and terminal diagnoses. She has prior experience in the field of neurology.

They met at a personal growth event, where they connected and became business partners. Creativity is the main aspect of their partnership, which they use to help clients improve their businesses.

They assist businesses in reshaping their ideas and moving forward creatively.

In this episode, our guests discuss how they came to work together despite their disparate backgrounds. Their shared interest in art is what brought them together.

Elka tells a story about one of her clients and how she helped them reinvent their production to be more efficient, which resulted in increased sales.

She also discusses how she brings in fresh new ideas from outside the box, makes them effective on projects, and uses them to reinvent what the client wants.

Cara explains that they work with their clients to understand who they are and their vision or goal, and then they bring in new perspectives.

Cara also discusses their future plans, including a business in which they will work with various people on multiple aspects and brainstorm business ideas and marketing opportunities.

They also explain how they tap into creative energies and inspire people to think outside the box.