Sleep Hygiene, Sleepwalking and Insomnia! Improve Your Sleeping Habits and Health: Wellness Coach Mandy Garrard

Mandy Garrard founded, which specializes in insomnia and has the goal of helping people improve their sleep. offers various services such as webinars and programs, and they also have a free audiobook which can all be found on their website.

In this episode, Mandy talks about ways that can help you improve your sleep for better rest and functionality in your daily lives. She shared some tips and advice about resetting your body clock, stopping snoring, and a lot more.

Mandy shared how powerful the human mind is. The conscious and subconscious mind has its role in a night of sleep. You should be talking positively with yourself. If you set your mind that you can’t sleep, then you’ll end up not sleeping. Sometimes, the conscious mind even forgets the struggles you have in sleeping.

One of Mandy’s tips is taking notes of what you need to do the next day before you sleep. This helps you make your mind at peace. You should also tidy up the room where you sleep.

Mandy also shared some ways how to stop snoring. Snoring is one of the issues that people encounter in their families. She mentioned how being overweight and having high blood pressure could be one of its causes. You first must recognize that you have a problem with snoring, and with that, you’ll be able to know how to solve them.

This is a must-listen for people needing advice and knowledge on changing their sleeping habits. This is for those who are looking for ways to improve their sleep.