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Sleep Hygiene, Sleepwalking and Insomnia! Improve Your Sleeping Habits and Health: Wellness Coach Mandy Garrard

Mandy Garrard founded, which specializes in insomnia and has the goal of helping people improve their sleep. offers various services such as webinars and programs, and they also have a free audiobook which can all be found on their website.

In this episode, Mandy talks about ways that can help you improve your sleep for better rest and functionality in your daily lives. She shared some tips and advice about resetting your body clock, stopping snoring, and a lot more.

Mandy shared how powerful the human mind is. The conscious and subconscious mind has its role in a night of sleep. You should be talking positively with yourself. If you set your mind that you can’t sleep, then you’ll end up not sleeping. Sometimes, the conscious mind even forgets the struggles you have in sleeping.

One of Mandy’s tips is taking notes of what you need to do the next day before you sleep. This helps you make your mind at peace. You should also tidy up the room where you sleep.

Mandy also shared some ways how to stop snoring. Snoring is one of the issues that people encounter in their families. She mentioned how being overweight and having high blood pressure could be one of its causes. You first must recognize that you have a problem with snoring, and with that, you’ll be able to know how to solve them.

This is a must-listen for people needing advice and knowledge on changing their sleeping habits. This is for those who are looking for ways to improve their sleep.

Creativity, Imagination, and Working Together with a Business Partner: Creative Directors Elka Kerkhofs & Cara Maxson

Elka and Cara founded Kelka Art and Design.

Elka is a filmmaker, animator, designer, and SAE Creative Media Institute, an academic lecturer. Cara is a medical professional who focuses on chronic illness and terminal diagnoses. She has prior experience in the field of neurology.

They met at a personal growth event, where they connected and became business partners. Creativity is the main aspect of their partnership, which they use to help clients improve their businesses.

They assist businesses in reshaping their ideas and moving forward creatively.

In this episode, our guests discuss how they came to work together despite their disparate backgrounds. Their shared interest in art is what brought them together.

Elka tells a story about one of her clients and how she helped them reinvent their production to be more efficient, which resulted in increased sales.

She also discusses how she brings in fresh new ideas from outside the box, makes them effective on projects, and uses them to reinvent what the client wants.

Cara explains that they work with their clients to understand who they are and their vision or goal, and then they bring in new perspectives.

Cara also discusses their future plans, including a business in which they will work with various people on multiple aspects and brainstorm business ideas and marketing opportunities.

They also explain how they tap into creative energies and inspire people to think outside the box.


Build Your Confidence, Professional Fulfillment, and Find Purpose at Work: Career Advisor Felicity Kleu

Felicity Kleu is one of the authors of the book Beyond Limitations. “Guidance and Opportunity to Grow” is the title of her chapter.

The book Beyond Limitations is a compilation of inspiring stories of thought leaders, experts, and action-takers who conquered adversity from all walks of life. This book will teach you how to harness the power of fear to accomplish personal breakthroughs and improve your life.

Felicity talks about the problem of people not realizing they are unfulfilled in their chosen careers because we tend to settle for what we have without seeing what we can be and achieve.

Thus, Felicity’s goal is to help individuals decide if they are content. And if they are, that’s great. But if not, what is it they want to do?

Felicity worked as a licensed nurse for 38 years and encountered several issues. During that time, she also observes young people in other professions, where people just do it for the money but do not enjoy it.

Felicity shares the story of a person she’d talk to. This person worked in the bank and became a PA for different organizations. The person did well in those jobs but was never fulfilled or happy. Why? Because her attitude wasn’t right at work.

Felicity tells the method of how she helps people get through their problems. Interview, questioning, tools, and everything needed for the individual to step and gain personal confidence.

Felicity Kleu’s knowledge, passion, and wisdom provide us with the necessary steps to get through our career struggles.


The Pillar Code, Positive Change, Healing, and Transformation: CEO & Founder PJ Ashley

PJ Ashley is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of The Pillar Code.

The Pillar Practice Pty. Ltd. provides and instructs personal development and professional performance programs worldwide. ‘The Pillar Code – 12 Step Program for Life’ and ‘The Corporate Code – 12 Step Program for Business’ provide the mission to ‘Create Positive Change’ to anybody and any business or organization worldwide through a systematic life-changing process.

In this episode, PJ Ashley emphasizes how the world has gotten so disconnected, causing many individuals to feel alone and lost, which has resulted in the current mental health epidemic confronting our communities.

Rather than criticizing, analyzing, and tearing down everything around us, she emphasizes the necessity of a collaborative community that supports helping people get through this period and truly comprehend what it’s about.

As she intentionally cultivates connected individuals and leaders, PJ Ashley is aware that the stresses of life and business can impede the development of every individual, team, and organization. Resilience, mental and physical health, and happiness are not only necessary for success but also the right of every individual.

PJ Ashley discusses The Pillar Code and how it transforms people’s lives and businesses by rescuing them from stress, isolation, and uncertainty and restoring them to Peace, Purpose, and Prosperity.

She talks about her enthusiasm for “Connecting Leaders Consciously” to facilitate the success of leaders and their organizations. By having calm, clear, and self-assured leaders, businesses and organizations achieve their objectives and become happier and healthier, boosting productivity, profits, and happiness for all.

PJ Ashley’s personal experience with the effects of prolonged stress, which dramatically affected the mental and physical health of the workplace as well as the health of individuals, has given her the determination to create positive change and realign herself with what truly brought her joy and her original passion – the art of healing.

This podcast episode is a perfect fit for you to become fully aligned with the present. You must desire to live your life from a place of serenity, with a feeling of purpose, and manifest the prosperity of the life you choose.

PJ Ashley emphasizes that we need to be a collaborative community, supporting and helping people get through this time and understand what it’s about rather than criticizing, critiquing, and pulling everything down around us.

The aim of the Pillar Code is to provide individuals, leaders, and organizations with an experience of a journey of healing via their holistic programs.

The Pillar Code – 12-step program for Life’ and The Corporate Code – 12-step program for Business’ deliver their mission to ‘Create Positive Change’ to anyone and any business or organization around the world.

The Pillar Code is formally recognized as a modality and recognized in 39 countries, and it is a fast-growing organization with clients in many countries around the world.


Find Your True Passion and Live a Life You Love: Missionary/Evangelist Sylvia Suhr

Sylvia Suhr is an author, motivational speaker, and missionary evangelist committed to helping others know Christ’s love.

Her book focuses on her journey as she travels through England, Africa, and Australia, showing the common people’s lives. It aims to motivate and educate people about God’s creation of a special destiny for you.

In this episode, Sylvia talked about the books she has written, explaining what it is about, what it contains, and her experiences during her journey. She also shared some life lessons about discovering who you are.

During the last 20 years, Sylvia has spent her time traveling in the countries of Africa and Asia, particularly in third-world countries. While she was traveling and exploring these countries, she had various realizations.

Sylvia’s first book she has written is entitled “ONE LIFE: The Narrow Path,” which focuses on her journey and autobiography. It took her around six months to complete. Upon publishing the book, she learned how to make websites, publish books, etc.

Her second book, “How to find the real you: A journey of self-discovery,” focuses on finding who you are and your life purpose.

This is a must-listen if you want inspiration in your life to do better and be motivated every step of the way. This will help you discover yourself and your true power.


Manifest, Unlock, Achieve Your Goals and True Potential: Life Coach Michele Connor

Michele Connor is the founder of “Ask and It is Given Online.” She is an author and contributed to the books “Speak Up, Step Up, Stand Out,” and “The Change.”

Her passion focuses on helping people achieve their goals. Michele has seen the frustrations and doubts that people experience in their daily lives. She wants to help in discovering themselves and unlock their true potential.

Michele teaches about the emotional guidance system and how it affects your life.

She emphasizes that a decision should be made only when it is sure it is the right thing to do. You shouldn’t force yourself to work if you don’t feel like it because if you do, it will only drain your energy.

Your emotions can affect your ability to manifest. You wouldn’t be able to attract positive experiences or outcomes if your energy is low. If you can enable change and have a genuine feeling, you might start attracting positive manifestations in your life.

In this episode, Michele talks about manifestation, emotions, and how they can affect your decisions and how it affects your life as well.

Michele also mentioned the importance of investing in yourselves as a form of action. It enables you to move forward and exhibit change for the betterment of life.

Get the inspiration and motivation you need to move forward, discover where you need to go, and unlock your true potential.


Create a Healthy Mind and Healthy Life Through Neurolinguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy: Bling Angel & Civil Marriage Celebrant Gina Callan

Gina is the founder of Licensed to Wed (Civil Marriage Celebrant) and Ambit Coaching (Life Coach). An award winning, experienced and caring civil marriage celebrant, Gina works with clients to craft bespoke celebrations to reflect their particular ideas, needs, and preferences.

Gina discusses how you can overcome adversity and become their best versions. Specifically, she is all about empowering female couples and groups to find more joy in love, life, and leadership.

As a civil marriage celebrant, she’s met many clients who were insecure about their relationships; they felt lonely and isolated, impacting their emotional health.

Gina’s role is to keep an ear out for patterns in people’s thought language, to be a lifelong learner, and to collect information that can be used to help individuals look into the problem at hand and address its root.

Like most people, Gina Callan describes how she was brought up to be entirely self-reliant. However, the reality is that no man is an island and that communities flourish when members lend a hand to one another.

Gina makes use of coaching methods to deal with diverse clients, allowing her to assess each individual’s needs and provide tailored recommendations for how to handle their concerns effectively.

Gina Callan’s role restores calm, wealth, and meaning to those who have lost their way.

This episode is a must-listen if you are single, or in a relationship, struggling with your emotional health and mentality. If you want better at home and work, with a more satisfying life, tune in right now!


Rebuild Confidence, Overcome Self-Pity, and Regain Your Self-Esteem: Holistic Counselor & The Uncommon Life Coach Rhonda Lawson

Rhonda Lawson is a qualified Holistic Counselor, Life Coach, and the founder of The Uncommon Life Coach.

The Uncommon Life Coach is the first online program for women aged 50 to 70 that eliminates overwhelm by demonstrating precisely what you need to focus on to rebuild your confidence and self-esteem, bring you into your magnificence, and coach you through the activities you need to do.

In this episode, Rhonda Lawson addressed the issue that many individuals in this generation do not speak into the minds and hearts of mature women. Numerous mature women, particularly those divorced and alone in their later years, feel invisible and unimportant. They appear to be the so-called “Forgotten Generation.”

Being in the same situation where she also experiences different struggles, Rhonda Lawson wants to help mature women rebuild and regain some of their self-confidence. And to realize what they have to offer. She is here to encourage that it’s worth the effort if you dig in and put your life on a restoration trajectory.

Rhonda studied counseling before deciding to go online and start her own website. It grew massively in two years by producing and delivering a course in which she could utilize her expertise and wisdom to create a course that could be offered to many others.

Rhonda has moments when she feels stuck and negative energy pours through her. Her own might would not let go. That’s when she had to turn to the group, mentor, coach, or anybody she could find to assist her in getting out of there. So she may regain her stride, speed, and momentum.

She talks about how many people are lost in this world, but the older generation still has a lot to offer, such as wisdom, knowledge, and experiences. Rhonda doesn’t want them to be stuck; she is there to support them because that’s what she has done. Rhonda feels magnificent now.

It’s time for you to listen to this podcast, especially if you are a woman who feels lonely, irrelevant, and invincible in this generation. Rhonda shares her feelings, stories, and journey on how to become magnificent and help women like you feel magnificent.


Holistic Supernatural Healing and Wellness, A Guide to Healthier You: Health Coach Reeta Somerville

Reeta Somerville is a neonatal nurse specialist who specializes in neonatal care. Throughout her career, she has worked in a major hospital environment for over 20 years. Aside from that, she is also an author and business owner.

She encourages the use of natural medicine to help you become holistically healthy. Reeta created a program that focuses on improving health and natural immunity through the five-step program in holistic wellness.

Reeta believes that self-care is the key to becoming healthy. The body has its way of healing itself, which is why it is essential to take care of yourselves.

In this episode, Reeta talks about the importance of mindset and self-care and how it helps improve your health. She shares tips and advice to become healthy.

Reeta shares five steps that can help you take care of yourselves: mindset, hydration, nutrition, exercise, and herbal remedies.

A positive mindset will help you overcome your challenges. Hydration will improve your health, especially alkaline water. Check your nutrition intake. Eat nutritious foods. Reeta suggests fasting to clean your body. Exercising should be part of your routine, at least 30 minutes daily.

Reeta also shares the use of herbal remedies to improve your health. This is a must-listen if you are looking for tips and advice on how to improve your health, achieve your goals, and attain supernatural health.